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Latest statistics show how quickly the EV charging structure is growing

Interesting statistics from Zap_Map showing just how quickly the public EV charging infrastructure is growing. What is even better news is that an increasing proportion of those new devices are rapid chargers. This suggests that the old style slow chargers will be consigned to history in public locations as demand for faster charging grows.


This is great news and as the charging infrastructure grows, and anxieties about charging disappear, more people will be making the switch to EVs.

Although charges for electrons at these commercially operated chargepoints vary, even getting a full charge from the most expensive (at around  35p/kWh) remains much cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel. However, the cheapest motoring by far is charging an EV from solar electricity generated on your roof – around 5p/kWh is usual. If your company is moving its fleet to electric, talk to us about generating your own cheap electricity to power it.  

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Latest statistics show how quickly the EV charging structure is growing

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