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Mypower wins award for Excellence in Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Mypower has won the CorporateLiveWire 2017 award for Excellence in Commercial Solar Energy Solutions. We were awarded the prize following our solar PV installation at Gloucester Cathedral.

Mypower made headlines around the world – by installing 150 solar panels to the roof of Gloucester Cathedral - the oldest building of its type to have solar installed. The system generates 27,500kW of energy for the cathedral every year, enough to power seven semi-detached houses or make 250,000 cups of tea, and reduces the cathedral’s energy costs by 25 per cent.

This year the CorporateLiveWire awards saw an unprecedented number of nominations, providing strong competition in every category. Following our nomination for the award Mypower were subject to rigorous assessment criteria, which was judged by a panel of industry professionals.

Ben Harrison who heads up Mypower said “Winning the Excellence in Commercial Solar Energy Solutions award is fantastic news. Our installation at Gloucester cathedral is completely unique. I knew it was going to be a challenging but thrilling project to be involved in. My thanks go to the Mypower team who together made the project go smoothly from start to finish.”

Mypower specialise in solar PV installations on agricultural buildings  and commercial properties. For more information on how your business can significantly reduce its energy costs you can visit our contact page.


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