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National grid planning for 30 Million electric cars by 2040

Its predicted that the UK will see the number of Electric vehicles on the road increase to 30 million in the next 20 years to help reach our target of net zero emissions. 

The national grid has the huge task of balancing this demand  with the increase in electricity created from renewable sources. How are you as a business going to meet these targets? Refuelling your EV with renewable electricity from your roof sure feels good and does good.

A solar PV system delivers electricity at around 4-5p/unit. This compares to around 15p/unit supplied by your energy provider. Creating your own clean supply of electricity reduces your costs and also reduces your impact on the climate crisis.

Mypower is helping companies generate electricity from their rooftops to charge their fleets and installing chargers to get that electricity into those cars. The transition to electric transport is well under way,  come and talk to us about how your company can get on board and save thousands on motoring costs. 

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