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Introduction of green number plates scheme starts on 8th December 2020

Green number plate

Introduction of green number plates scheme starts on 8th December 2020

From 8th December 2020, as part of the government's Road to Zero programme, new and used zero-emission vehicles will be eligible to display a green number plate.

The new number plates will differentiate EVs from internal-combustion-engined cars and raise awareness of cleaner vehicles. This will be key to incentivising people to buying and driving EVs and help accelerate a zero-emission future for the UK.

It’s believed that the green number plates will also help local authorities put new policies in place and identify ‘clean cars’. These policies could unlock driver rewards, such as cheaper parking, and free entry into low emission zones.

The Road to Zero programme is to include £12 million funding for research into technology of charging of EVs and development of both battery and hydrogen vehicles. This in turn could generate 6,000 jobs.

How to register your zero-emission car and receive a green licence plate will be issued in due course.

If you have made to the move to EV’s or are soon to be transitioning, talk to us about how your own commercial solar can reduce your electricity bills and driving costs.

Read the full government article here

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