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Norway - the world’s electric vehicle leader

Norway’s car market is now dominated by EVs and hydrids; 60% of new cars are fully electric and a further 15% are battery hybrids.  Norway is Europe’s most advanced market for EVs for two reasons.  One is the huge number of incentives the government has put in front of consumers -   EV drivers pay no VAT,  tolls,  parking charges of road tax  -  and cheap electricity.  Norway derives a huge part of its energy demand from hydro-electric sources,  giving its people low cost electricity and allowing them to export their oil and gas to nations which don’t enjoy such resources.

Cheap electricity with which to charge cars will be key to the develop the EV market here too.  And for companies looking to transition their fleets to EVs,  the answer is often on the roof.  Commercial solar panels on the roof of a warehouse,  factory , hospital or car park will produce electricity consumed at site at a cost of 5p.  Fixed,  for 25 years.

You can read about Norway’s rapid conversion to electric motoring in The Guardian here https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/19/norway-and-the-a-ha-moment-that-made-electric-cars-the-answer

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Norway - the world’s electric vehicle leader

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