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Petrol stations looking to the future with EV charging points

We were delighted to learn from an article in this week's edition of The Grocer that Motor Fuel Group, the UK's second-biggest forecourt chain are looking to install EV charging across its entire 413-site estate by 2020.

The transition from ICV to EVs is gathering pace. The raft of new electric models being shown at the Frankfurt  Auto Show this week tells us just how much R&D money is being diverted away from petrol and diesel towards electric cars.. For fuel retailers, this presents both a threat to their business model and an opportunity to adapt and develop new and more profitable revenues. The cost of fully charging a Tesla with a 200 mile range at a rapid charge terminal currently stands at £3. Compare this with filling a half tank of petrol or diesel and you're looking at somewhere around ten times as much.

Motor Fuel Group are sure onto a good thing here. Kay Group have announced something similar and Shell are busy installing chargers at their filling stations in the UK and Holland. We look forward to seeing EV charge points in hundreds of UK petrol stations in the coming years as well as good coffee and fast Wi-fi in the comfortable lounges which will be essential for a profitable charging station.

Read more at The Grocer.

Another way to charge your EV is to install solar on the roof of your business, find out more about this here.


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