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Porsche are bringing out a new super fast charging EV charger

Porsche are blazing a trail with super fast charging, starting with a 350klW charger at its new regional office near Berlin. Tesla’s Superchargers are rated at 120kW so these Porsche chargers have the potential to add 200miles of range in less than 15mins. Neither Porsche nor its parent VW have any cars capable of being charged at such speeds but with the Porsche Mission E coming to market in 2019, they will be ready. Bentley are also bringing out a two seat roadster version of its Speed 6 which will be able to charge at such speeds.

The new Porsche super fast charging stations

This is exciting stuff and offers an exponential expansion of the charging infrastructure. More sites and faster charging,  the objections to driving EVs are falling away fast. Who on earth would by a diesel Panamera these days?

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Porsche are bringing out a new super fast charging EV charger

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