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Putin ready to turn off Europe’s gas supply

Putin ready to turn off Europe's gas supply

Putin ready to turn off Europe's gas supply

Alarming headline in today’s Times alerting us to the imminent danger that Russia is about to restrict gas supplies to western Europe.  Even more alarming is the fact that,  due to the intricate linking of the European gas network, we don’t know exactly how much of our gas actually comes from Russia other than its probably in the 6-50% range.   Putin has used gas supplies as an economic weapon before,  bringing Ukraine to heel in 2013.  We’re guessing that recent Russian deals to supply gas and oil to Asian markets from it’s eastern fields has made them confident that the Russian economy wouldn’t collapse without the cash that energy exports to Europe bring.

We’ve been banging on for years about the fragility of the UK’s energy supplies and how we are hopelessly dependent on some states run by bad,  mad or bad and mad people.  The spat with Russia is one thing.   Just wait until we fall out with Qatar…..

This isn’t just about heating our homes and offices.  We are generating increasing amounts of electricity from gas fired power stations and  if these haven’t got gas to burn,  the lights go out.  The short termism which has blighted UK energy policy has ensured that there is no Plan B.

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