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There is growing suspicion that Renault have been cheating in emissions tests

Oh dear, there is growing suspicion that VW might not be the only manufacturer which has been cheating in emissions tests; fingers are being pointed at Renault. Doubts are being expressed as to how their cars managed to return results under testing which were so at odds with on-road results.

There is growing suspicion that Renault have been cheating in emissions tests

Similar tests have suggested that other EU manufactures such as FIAT are producing cars which belch seriously harmful levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air.

For the EU, here is a real dilemma; it is committed to cleaner air regulations but at the same time its member states with big car manufacturing interests will resist any regulatory action against diesels. Something will give, but it will probably have to wait until the German car industry gets its act together with electric cars.  Then diesels can be banned altogether and children in the EU can stop dying early.

You can read the FT's article here.

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