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Renewable power will overtake coal if climate pledges are kept

Renewable power will overtake coal if climate pledges are kept

Renewable power looks like overtaking coal to become the world's top source of electricity.

Nearly all countries, including those in the EU and the US will have to sharply drop their greenhouse gas emissions if a UN agreement is clinched in Paris later this year.

A goal to phase out emissions this century and to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases by 2050 has divided the near 200 countries negotiating the Paris agreement. Some believe this is a realistic target, while others are of the opinion that no clear deadlines should be made.

Renewable power now accounts for 22 per cent of global electricity - someway off coal which still dominates at 41 per cent. The IEA predict renewable power will rise to 32 per cent by 2030, overtaking coal in the process. 15 years does not seem that far away...

Countries like India are still building inefficient, polluting power plants which somewhat hinders these plans but the future looks rosey if this agreement is signed, sealed and delivered.

Dwindling oil and gas reserves in the EU, coupled with an albeit questionable desire to impose carbon reducing targets on member states would make this a simple decision for Europe to make. The USA and Canada with their enormous shale and tar sands reserves could possibly take more persuading to sign...

You can read the whole article at the Financial Times.

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