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Rolls-Royce has its eye on an electric plane future

Rolls-Royce has its eye on an electric plane future

Whilst it’s slightly disturbing that Cleantechnica continues to confuse the Rolls-Royce brand used on increasingly vulgar BMW made cars with one of the world’s leading engineering and aerospace firms, we can confirm that it is the latter which is developing the electric plane detailed in this story.

Rolls-Royce is the global leader in jet engines for large civilian airliners but it has its eye on an electric future with this attempt to develop the fastest plane powered entirely by electric. Using increasingly efficient electric motors from Japanese firm YASA, the plane is expected to break the E-plane speed record of 210mph currently held by Siemens and may go as fast as 300mph. The range is reported to be over 200 miles which will allow a very quick way to go for an impromptu lunch in Paris.

There is a local interest as well; this plane is being tested at what the report labels ‘Gloucestershire airport’  although we suspect that it is actually being flown out of Filton near the Rolls-Royce jet engine factory rather than Staverton which is actually in Gloucestershire.

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