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Solar industry representatives are wailing following a leaked report from the DECC

Solar industry representatives are wailing following a leaked report from the DECC

Lots of press coverage about what may or may not happen to FiT levels following a leaked report from the DECC.    

Predictably, voices claiming to represent the solar industry are wailing and gnashing their teeth. This tweet from Peter Bennett is, as his own words ironically state, depressingly familiar.

Peter Bennett‏@Solar_Editor

All depressingly familiar.,,seems like the writing's on the wall for #solar. Brace yourself for another downward dip on the solarcoaster

We saw the industry shoot itself in the foot like this in 2011. Solar’s loudest talking heads were all over the media predicting the end of solar in the UK as the government reduced FiTs to reflect the falling cost of solar energy. Not surprisingly, customers considering solar took the view that there was no point looking further and the market for UK installations died. A spectacular own goal.

This time, there is an opportunity to be positive. Instead of coming across as an endlessly whining bunch of subsidy junkies, the solar industry should get on the front foot and shout about the fact that this will bring solar energy ever closer to being truly sustainable - ie without any subsidy - and perhaps draw the valid comparison to nuclear (where no amount of government cash bribes can get Hinckley built) and coal and gas which will do increasing damage to the UKs balance of payments and imports take an ever larger share of supplies.

We really hope that those who claim to represent the solar panel companies and it's business in the UK take a long term view of this;  yes, reductions in FiT support will cause some disruption in the market, probably another spike in installations similar to the March madness to get large scale farms on line, but any business which doesn’t rely on the whim of politicians for it’s survival is stronger and more viable that one which does. 

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