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Solar panels better than a pension


Solar panels better than a pension, says minister - Telegraph

Well we’ve known this for some time but it looks like the idea is going mainstream.

It’s  clear winner for householders as the article suggests,  but what about businesses?  If you own your building or enjoy a long term,  secure lease,  the same advantages of installing PV apply only more so.  Companies can achieve 100% capital allowances in the first year (up to £250k, which equates to a system of around 220kWp.  The business will benefit because unlike households,  business tend to use most of their electricity during the day when the PV system is producing energy,  so immediate savings are made on energy costs and the company protects itself against ever-rising costs.

We’re just about to put a 50kWp system on our landlord’s new building.  They’ll be achieving around 15% first year return and will save around £5500.00 per year on electricity bills.

We've already installed a 145 kW system for Allen Fabs who own, let and manage their own commercial property portfolio in Evesham. Their projected first year return on capital invested is 17.8%. Read the full case study.

Published by the Telegraph online and on front cover of paper 04-02-201.


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