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The first proper challenge to Tesla’s EV hegemony arrives in 2019

Porsche has used a press conference at the Frankfurt auto show to announce that the marque’s first all electric model - the four door MissionE - will launch in 2019 with a prices similar to the higher end Tesla S models. This will be the first time that a Model S buyer will have a genuine, market ready alternative. It will have dual motors, a claimed 300m range and capable of using Porsche’s much hyped ultra-fast chargers although none of these actually exist yet outside Porsche HQ. Still, the prospect of charging in only 15 mins brings it into the same level of inconvenience as stopping to refuel with petrol or diesel.

The Verge has the story here.

Porsche’s very own MissionE site can be seen here.

The first proper challenge to Tesla's EV hegemony arrives in 2019


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