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The New Government Rule Changes For Solar Panels 

The UK still has its sights set on the much talked about net zero goal, and has slowly been making changes to both law and legislation to help achieve that goal over the next few decades. At the end of November 2023, the UK Government announced major changes to the rules surrounding the installation of solar panels, one of the biggest growing sources of clean energy. The aim is to boost the UK’s solar usage considerably, greatly reducing the countries reliance on fossil fuels and allowing it to meet its proposed target of 70GW of solar power by at least the year 2035, as well as the global Net Zero goal by 2050.  

Here's what you need to know about the new government rule changes for solar panels.  

What are the new rules? 

The new rules apply to both homeowners and business owners a like. The rules for homeowners specifically allow houses, bungalows, or apartments with flat roofs to install solar panels without planning permission. This removing the roughly eight week wait time that most owners have had to suffer through, as well as removing many of the additional costs that may initially put people off of going solar. It also involves removing the current laws that mean companies must apply for full planning permission if their commercial solar panels generate more than 1MW of power. This now means businesses are able to install more solar panels on rooftops via the more straight-forward prior notice planning application process. Also, in England Scotland, and Wales, consumers no longer have to pay additional VAT on solar panels being installed on residential properties, saving money even further for new buyers.  

How it cuts through the red tape 

Prior to the implementation of the new rules, there were a huge number of frustrating regulations and permitting requirements before businesses could install new panels. However now that companies no longer need to apply for full planning permission if their panels generate more than 1 Megawatt of power, this removes a lot of the hurdles originally in place that both caused delays, and also prevented a lot of businesses from initially applying.  

The 'Levelling Up and Regeneration' Act 

In May of 2022, “The Levelling Up and Regeneration Act” was initially introduced to the House of Commons, and finally passed in October of 2023. The purpose of The Act is said to "speed up the planning system, hold developers to account, cut bureaucracy, and encourage more councils to put in place plans to enable the building of new homes" by the UK Government. This means that the traditional hurdles, bureaucracy, and paperwork that often comes with development plans (for instance, installing solar panels) have now been either removed or greatly reduced, making growth across the UK easier.  

What it means for homeowners  

The act is designed to help drive local growth, empower local leaders to regenerate their constituencies and local areas, and ensure that local communities and areas are allowed to grow without being held back unnecessarily. The rules overall mean more homeowners can switch to renewable energy sources for their homes with ease. 

How it impacts businesses 

By reducing the wait times and overall delays usually associated with both planning permission and implementing green energy initiatives, businesses can make greater steps towards achieving their overall environmental goals. This means reduced costs (both in installing solar panels and time wasting), allows for a more efficient workflow overall due to the reduced hurdles needed to be cleared, and most importantly, makes a positive impact on the communities and towns surrounding the business. Green energy benefits everyone and can ensure cleaner power for years to come.  

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