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The oil war has begun

Dunkeswell Installation

The oil war has begun

Very shrewd analysis in City AM of the geopolitical games within games being played in the global oil market at the moment.  The stakes are high for those at the table;  the UK isn’t,  having long ceased to be important other than as a place where oil wealth can be traded and safely parked.  Consumers should enjoy the boost to disposable incomes which comes with lower pump prices while it lasts;  history tells us that low oil prices means that new wells aren’t drilled and supply tightens which in turn leads to higher prices.  The UK will always be on the wrong end of that cycle in the future as our own production continues to decline.

Companies with big energy bills can’t do much about the political fall out or the way they affect global security but they can move to protect themselves from energy scarcity and price hikes.  Call us to discuss how producing ,  owning and using your own energy is the way forward.

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