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The potential for solar across Africa is huge

It’s no secret that the cost of solar is far cheaper than it once was. Off-grid solar power now costs below 20 cents per kWh compared with 60 cents per kWh generated from fossil fuel generators. Not only cheaper but a cleaner form of electricity generation from a constant source – the sun.

The FT reports on how it is now possible to roll solar out across the African landscape. This has the potential to be huge and would change the lives of over one billion people. Here we have a cheap form of electricity production coupled with a continent bathed in almost constant sunshine during the daytime – it seems a no brainer.

Investors must take a long term view on solar to see its untapped potential in Africa – we agree with the FT, the smart money must head in this direction…

In terms of the UK, Mypower are helping businesses take control of their electricity costs – get in touch to find out more…


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