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The roll-out of Shell's European fast charging network has started

The charging tie up between Shell and Daimler (parent company of Mercedes), BMW, Ford and VW Group brands Audi and Porsche, branded IONITY EU will start to install its first of its pan-european fast charging network.

Whilst Shell’s tie up is with certain manufacturers, the charging stations will be available for any EV brand to use and will charge a flat fee of £8.00 per visit. The charging capability will be up to 350kW (although no EV is yet able to charge at such speeds) and will provide long distance comfort for EV drivers and will certainly broaden the appeal of non-Tesla premium EVs such as the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi ETron.

Shell, like its peer BP, is investing heavily to try and make sure that it can replace revenue lost to electric motoring can be recouped by selling electricity.  

Driving Electric reports on this welcome development here.   


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