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The UK now finds itself exporting electricity to France

The UK now finds itself exporting electricity to France

If anything epitomises the dysfunctionality of our energy policy then the fact that the UK now finds itself exporting electricity to France must be it. France has traditionally been a big exporter of electricity to the UK because of its cheap, reliable nuclear generation. That reliance on nuclear has now proved to be anything but cheap and reliable; France has ordered EDF to shut 17 of its nuclear generating sites due to safety fears.  France now faces the real prospect of power cuts this winter and the ignominy of importing energy from the UK which doesn’t have a huge amount of spare capacity itself.

The UK now finds itself exporting electricity to France

The chickens are coming home to roost and the consumer will pay the price. Wholesale electricity prices are rising rapidly, peaking at over €100/mWh. Perhaps it’s all a French plot to get the wholesale price somewhere near the bonkers level guaranteed by the HM Government to bribe EDF to build Hinkley C. Yep, the same EDF who are busy shutting their French nukes because they are deemed unsafe and that one of their component suppliers has been falsifying safety records. What could possibly go wrong?

You can read The Times report here..

Your business will end up paying for this madness; if you’d prefer not to, and would like to find out how you can guarantee a large chunk of your electricity demand at around 5p/unit, contact us here. It will cost you nothing to talk to us, it might save you a fortune.

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