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Uber want to purchase all of Tesla's self-driving cars in 2020

Uber want to purchase all of Tesla's self-driving cars in 2020

Two of the most disruptive companies in the world right now are Tesla and Uber. Tesla is shaking up the established automotive order and has hastened the rush to market electric cars from the better known marques. Uber has, much to the chagrin of cabbies, upset a heavily regulated and protected industry which has traditionally been run for the benefit of its drivers rather than the customers.

Now Uber are stating that they will buy driverless technologies when they come to market. It’s the cabbies’ worst nightmare but imagine the convenience of summoning a driverless car from your smartphone.  Obviously they would need to be parked in a warehouse with a rooftop covered in solar PV. The grid energy industry can be disrupted as well...

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