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Utilities want solar users to pay more

We’re seeing these stories more and more in the financial press and they have a common theme;  large monolithic utility companies bellyaching about the effect that solar PV is having on their business.  This one concerns the grievances of central generators in the US but the theme is a common one in Germany, Spain and more quietly and more recently ,  the UK.

We think this is great news;  we believe that technologies which allow households and,  more importantly,  businesses,  to produce and use their own energy is the only realistic way to wean the UK off increasing dependence on imported gas and coal.  The more peak-time energy produced on a roof of a factory,  the less central generation capacity is needed.  On a macro-economic level,  this leads to less Qatari,  Norwegian or Russian gas being imported and an improved balance of payments.  It may even mean that future UK governments no longer feel the need to get involved in costly and futile wars in places where our strategic energy supplies may be at risk.

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