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VW is making huge noise about its late conversion to the EV cause

Hot on the heels of Daimler’s announcement that a huge investment in an all new range of electric cars is underway, VW is making huge noise about its late conversion to the EV cause.

Read more on this in The Times.

VW is making huge noise about its late conversion to the EV causeThis travel along the road to Damascus has certainly been hastened by the emissions cheating scandal, but this will also be a commercial decision; EVs are becoming cheaper and more convenient. Once the realisation as to just how reliable and widespread the charging infrastructure is, and the choice of EVs becomes wider,  any reasons to buy an ICE car will vanish. Add to this the political will to squeeze more tax from diesel cars and the move to EVs is compelling.

There will be a decline in the infrastructure which supports refuelling diesel and petrol engines; more filling stations will close and there will be fewer refineries. Once the tipping point is reached, this could happen really quickly.

What this does mean is that we will need more electricity. So it might be a good time to consider producing your own. Businesses with roofspace, car parks and yards can all install their own generation capacity without tying up land already in use.

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