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Will Apple’s bite into the electric car market see the end of the fuel powered car become ever closer

Will Apple’s bite into the electric car market see the end of the fuel powered car become ever closer

Given that the brilliant Tesla S has what looks like a giant iPad in it’s central console,  it should come as no surprise that speculation is rife that Apple is planning to develop an electric car.  It would probably be cheaper to do it in house instead of buying Tesla at it’s current (bonkers)  market cap.    And given that electric cars require a vastly different supply chain than conventional motors  -  no engines,  gear boxes,  catalytic converters etc -  the disruption to the established industry would be huge.

We think that the internal combustion engine,  whilst one of mankind’s greatest inventions,  up there with the bicycle and the corkscrew,  will cease to power the majority of new cars within ten years.  If a global megabrand like Apple join the game,  the transition to electric vehicles will be even quicker.

Our Tesla arrives in August and we’re looking forward to plugging it into the charging point at our offices and powering our car from the roof.  For free.  No fuel duty,  no VAT,  no company car tax.  Yes,  we’ll still need the local BP Connect for stocking up on Mini Eggs but we can’t help wondering how long these petrol stations will survive for….

Talk to us about reducing your business energy costs as well as plugging your electric car in when you get to the office and charging it… for free!

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