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Solar PV Monitoring

Solar Monitoring System.

Mypower’s fully interactive solar monitoring system provides data on system status and output performance every 15 minutes.

This will allow you to view the status of the system remotely and track actual production against predicted performance data of your agricultural, commercial or industrial solar power system.

The solar monitoring system will automatically alert you should an error occur with a single inverter or if the system stops working as a result of a trip or power loss. It will detail the exact fault and the status of the affected inverter, minimising down time of the inverter and helping to diagnose any issues remotely.

Generation Monitoring

As a standard, the monitoring solutions we install are provided by inverter manufacturers. The monitoring platforms provide visibility of the solar generation through the inverter(s) on both web and mobile. While we advise that the monitoring hardware is connected to a suitable LAN connection, if this is not possible WiFi and GPRS (Mobile) solutions are also available. GPRS (mobile) solutions require a separate mobile data contract.  

Solar power daily generation report

Daily generation through the month of May 2020.

Enhanced monitoring - incoming grid & exported solar

At additional cost, a solar monitoring solution can be installed which monitors imported electricity from the grid and exported (excess solar) electricity to the grid, along with your solar PV generation. This allows  a holistic view of how solar PV is benefitting your business.

Understanding your electricity consumption, solar generation used and solar generation exported can help to:

  • Identify opportunities to move consumption e.g. if equipment or plant used at certain times of the day can be moved to times of maximum solar generation, it will increase the amount of low-cost solar you use onsite (displacing the more costly electricity from the grid) and improve your commercial returns.
  • Establish whether it makes sound commercial sense to incur the costs associated with installing and running an official ‘grid’ export meter.  The official meter will allow your business to receive payment for any excess solar generation at around 5p per unit.
  • Determine whether installing a battery system to maximise onsite use of the solar electricity generated is commercially attractive. 

Enhance monitoring, showing consumption, solar production and self-consumption. Power / energy chart




Enhanced monitoring, showing consumption, solar production and self-consumption. For this system, the ‘Month’ bar chart shows that 44% of the solar is used onsite and 65% of their electricity needs in May were met by their solar PV system.

Mypower HQ 50kWp system – Live Feed

Laptop showing monitoring outputOn the roof of the Mypower head office we have a 50kW system.  Click on the computer image on the right to view a live feed of our system production. This simple to read page can be displayed on any screen. Many of our customers have found this useful for marketing and staff information purposes. We proudly display this in our reception for visitors to see and to remind staff to think about their energy use.  

Our own system has continued to outperform against our original generation predictions since its installation in March 2014.

Solar PV Monitoring Sscreen Shot

Screen shot showing hourly production of each inverter

Solar PV Monitoring Sscreen Shot

Have a system without a monitoring solution?

Mypower can retrospectively set up monitoring for any panel and inverter brand. We have a number of options, from self-monitoring through to complete management by Mypower.

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