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Solar panel delivering more

A guide to choosing the right solar panels

Installing solar panels is a long term investment which is why panel quality and the credibility of the manufacturer is so important. The panel brand you choose will significantly affect the amount of electricity produced, the lifetime of the panel and the durability.

Mypower are not tied in to any particular supplier and install any type of panel (module) required by the customer, providing it is of a known quality brand.  Whilst it is one of the most expensive panels on the market, we do highly recommend REC Panels because they deliver proven high performance and yield, offering excellent returns and value for money.

Here are the benefits of REC solar panels:

High quality, high yield
REC panels offer more power per m2 because their design reduces shadows, increases sunlight capture and therefore delivers more energy. The glass design with anti-reflective glass treatment increases output by 2% and sunlight transmission increased by 2-3%.

25 year linear power output guarantee
Panel quality that lasts and lasts with a greater return on investment predictability and 97% effective power output in the first year. A maximum degradation of 0.7% each year and guaranteed minimum performance level of 80.2% by the end of the 25th year.

The largest European brand
REC is the largest European brand of solar panel manufacturers and one of only two manufactures in the world operating from a positive balance sheet. Be wary of manufacturers who may not be here in the future, for example Yingli the world’s 2nd largest solar panel manufacturer for example has cast doubts over its own future; you can read more here

Award winning
REC won the highly regarded Intersolar Award at this year’s (2015) exhibition in Munich. The award was given for its new REC TwinPeak Series solar panel which provides enhanced reliability and performance.

Robust and durable design
Panels are designed to withstand heavy loads and wind. The frame is designed to prevent frost damages and aid snow slippage. A 10 year product warranty is standard, although as REC Solar Professionals Mypower installations will have a 12 year product warranty.

Optimised for all sunlight conditions
Improved power output in low and diffuse conditions (e.g. sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather).
The cell surface of the REC panel has acid-etched texturisation which gives better power performance. We also offer solar panel cleaning services.

Latest research
REC invests huge amounts each year researching panel quality and performance bring the very best technology to market.  

We can provide electricity yield comparisons using independent software for all makes of panels to help you chose the right panel. For more information please contact us or visit the page most relevant to your needs: solar panels for industrial use, agricultural building solar panels or solar panels for commercial use.

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