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Electric car charging points installation

Electric and hybrid vehicles are increasing in popularity at a rapid rate. This is great news for drivers as the cost of driving is reducing.

Mypower, based near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, supply and install the latest charge points offering both super and standard chargers for your home or work place. Our electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) can be installed anywhere on your property with options for both freestanding and wall mounted. The charge units themselves, are inexpensive to run and require very little servicing. Installation is less than a day’s work by our fully trained & qualified staff and will significantly reduce the charging time taken compared to a standard domestic 3 pin plug. We offer a wide product range from single to multi-location installations with options to suit all budgets.

Charging speeds

There are 3 types of EV charging points which are defined by the amount of power they produce and therefore the time it takes to fully charge an EV. Slow charging points are up to 3kW and normally used at home when charging overnight for 6-8 hours. Fast charging (7-22kW) offers a full charge in 3-4 hours. Rapid charging units (43-50kW) are typically able to provide 80% charge in just 30 minutes. The speed type which you require will depend on the electrical capabilities on site and length of time you are on average parked for.

Offices and commercial properties

Workplace charging points provide facilitates for employees, visitors and fleet vehicles to charge their EV whilst parked. Making sure you have the correct type, amount and charge speed is very important. Slow or fast charging points are recommend for commercial use where vehicles are most likely to be parked for 2 hours or more. Mypower can advise you and recommend the right charge point for your business requirements.


Charging your EV and PHEV vehicle at home couldn’t be easier. Slow or fast types are best suited for home use and which one you choose depends on your requirements. A slow charge point takes 6-8 hours to fully charge an EV.  If you are only ever going to be charging your car at night then a slow speed charger will be more than sufficient and of course if you are on an economy 7 energy tariff a slow charge overnight will be particularly beneficial. Fast charge points are more expensive but provide a full charge in 3-4 hours.

Hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions

Destination charging is where hospitality and leisure venues offer their customers facilities to charge their elective vehicles. For hotels where cars are parked overnight, a slow charge unit will be sufficient but you will probably need a few. Landlords, owners and managers can decide whether they want to offer free to use charge points or pay as you go units. Mypower supply both options.

Rolec Chargers

Mypower install the award winning Rolec chargers because their range provides all types of units to suit every location and budget. They are compactable with all EV and PHEV models and are certified by the leading electric and hybrid car manufactures. Prices start from £650 for commercial charge points and up to a £500 grant is available for domestic installtions.

Drive on Solar power - Generate your own cleaner and greener electricity 

Ever thought about installing solar panels for your business? Combine a Mypower EVCP with rooftop solar PV and generate your own electricity and gain even greater benefits. A ‘traditional’ fossil fuel vehicle achieving 40mpg currently costs a fuel price of 12.3p per mile (assuming £1.10 per litre). This is over 6x more expensive than running off solar electricity which costs only 2p per mile.

At our offices we have 50kWp of PV on our roof producing electricity which we can use to charge our electric vehicles.

The Mypower fleet facts

Tesla Model S P85D-100% electric  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV-Hybrid petrol+electric
Battery Capacity: 85kWh Battery Capacity: 10kWh
Charge time: 4.25hrs @ 22kW*  Charge time: 3.5hrs @ 3.68kW*
Range: 242 miles*    Range: 32 miles*
Cost per mile charging from the grid @ 12p/kWh: 4.6p per mile Cost per mile charging from the grid @ 12p/kWh: 4.8p per mile
Cost per mile charging from Solar @ 5p/kWh: 1.9p per mile Cost per mile charging from Solar @ 5p/kWh: 2p per mile

*All charging times and range based on manufacturers data

If you do not have the facility to mount solar on your roof then we can also supply and install a range of solar car ports. These offer direct access to your own self-generated solar electricity as well as protection and storage capabilities.

In accordance with the Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan all new planning applications in London for residential, retail and employment infrastructure must provide electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) in their car parking facilities. All new developments with five parking spaces or more must equip 20% of those spaces with electric car charging points. This will of course roll our across the country in due course.

For more information and a quote to install EVCPs and/or solar PV please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on all the options.

Solar Fuel

A ‘traditional’ fossil fuel vehicle achieving 40mpg currently costs a fuel price of 12.3p per mile (assuming £1.10 per litre). This is over 6x more expensive than running off solar electricity which costs only 2p per mile. Read more