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Gloucester Cathedral photos

The stunning 1,000 year old Gloucester Cathedral

Nave roof from ground, the panels are hidden behind the parapet

Before we started work

8.5T of equipment to be hoisted up 30m

Glaaaaaaawsteeeeer Rugby HQ

Over 1,000 journeys past the delicate stone work!

Venting the ridge and first fixings into the new timber

On goes the rail

Looking tidy - The Solar Edge optimisers go on

4.5 tonnes of ballast arrive

Live radio interview with Ben Harrison of Mypower

Ben being interviewed by BBC Points West

Canon Celia Thomson bolts in the first solar panel

All the ballast is on

New lead ridge, setting out the first panels

Part of the cable route - yes Ben did squeeze through here!

View from the tower - less than 20 to go

The Times likes it

The Daily Mail even create a cartoon

The completed array from the tower

The completed array from the tower

And from the roof

And from the roof

The Dean of Gloucester & Ben Harrison of Mypower

The Mypower team view with pride

The Mypower team view with pride

The engine room solar edge inverters

A tidy job in a very awkward location!

On the wettest day you can imagine, the sun appears from nowhere!

The Dean of Gloucester blessing the solar installation with Ben Harrison of Mypower

Dean of Gloucester, Steven Boyce, Chair of HLF SW, Sir Paul Britton, Vice Chair of CFCE and Ben Harrison

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