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Government Plans £3billion Green Scheme

The £3 billion green scheme announcement is a positive step in making our economy greener and more sustainable. Read more information at Mypower.
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Top Myths of Solar Panels - Insights from Experts at Mypower

There are myths surrounding solar panels, particularly when it comes to the potential benefits and costs involved. Read Mypower's expert insights here.
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National grid planning for 30 Million electric cars by 2040

Its predicted that the UK will see the number of Electric vehicles on the road increase to 30 million in the next 20 years to help reach our target of net zero emissions.
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Total writes off $9.3B in oilsands assets

We’re surprised that this hasn’t been bigger news; when one of the world’s largest oil majors makes a massive nod towards the obsolescence of oil, the markets take notice
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Should you Consider Solar Panels for your Business?

Installing a solar system on your commercial building can offer countless advantages and benefit a wide range of businesses across various industries.
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Is Your Energy Provider Giving 15% ROI?

Electricity is a significant expense for all businesses. Is your energy provider giving a good ROI? Find out how you can save on electricity.
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How Has Coronavirus Revealed the Need for Renewable Energy?

Despite the slowed economy, renewable energy is predicted to grow and has proven itself to be a worthy, stable investment. Explore why in this article.
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How to Survive Post COVID-19

This article will offer guidance to keep your business afloat during these difficult times, also providing information as to preparing for post-COVID-19.
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Sunniest spring since records began!

The Met Office have released figures which show this spring has been the sunniest time since records began in 1929. The UK has seen 573 hours of sunshine!
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What Can a Business Do to Improve its Eco-Friendly Status?

It is the perfect time for businesses to assess their environmental impact. Here are some of the top ways that businesses can improve their eco status.
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On street car charging points roll out boost

Liberty Global will be using it’s huge network of ducts and kerbside pant cabinets to provide on street car charging points. This is great news
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Electricity generation from sun rises to new UK levels

Renewable energy generation records from Solar and Wind in the UK has repeatably been broken over the last month. Solar PV powered almost 30%
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Mypower’s 10th birthday year

This year, 2020, Mypower turns 10. Do you know, only ¼ of companies make it to 10 years? We our very proud of our journey to reach this milestone
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Ways to Save Your Business Money on Energy Bills

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97% reduction in car registrations for April but EV’s top the list

Unsurprisingly, April’s new car sales were woeful. The only bright spot being two EVs at the top of the sales chart. And whilst its true that this could be explained by the fact that lead times for these popular EVs are long, its still great to see EVs dominating the sales charts.
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Hydrogen car development sees another manufacture pull funding

Just as VHS triumphed over Betamax, EVs are going to win the race to replace the internal combustion engine.
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Norway - the world’s electric vehicle leader

Norway’s car market is now dominated by EVs and hydrids; 60% of new cars are fully electric and a further 15% are battery hybrids.
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EV Market Share To Record 7.3%

The March numbers for new car sales are out and make grim reading for dealers; total sales down
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How We’re Reacting to COVID-19 at Mypower

Mypower have been thinking very seriously about how we should be reacting to the coronavirus pandemic that we are seeing across the world at the moment. Here's what we are doing.
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One year on from the Feed-in-Tariff ending we see a thriving solar industry

Today (1st April) marks the first anniversary since the UK government removed all Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments for new solar PV systems.
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Planning applications for UK clean energy projects hits new high

Figures for clean energy planning applications have hit a four year high, a trend which looks set to rise year on year, according to PX Group.
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Ban on sale of petrol cars could come in ten years

In 2018 the ban of petrol and diesel car sales was set for 2040.  Last week Boris Johnson said that the deadline would be accelerated by at least five years to 2035. 
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New rules to stop non-electric cars parking at charging points in Lancashire

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Ionity launches new pricing structure based on kWh

High power charging provider Ionity announced a new pricing structure across its European network, based on kilowatt-hours rather than a base fee.
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Marubeni and Total to build Qatar solar plant

The FT reports on another huge investment in solar in the Middle East. Whilst the UAE has been building huge solar capacity for some years now, this one is in Qatar
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Accelerating the UK plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions

Public demand for climate change action remains high so here are the plans for net zero emissions in the UK
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