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A new 800MW scheme in Dubai will generate at only $0.0299/kWh

A new low has been set for the cost of solar electricity in Dubai; a new 800MW scheme has been signed up by Dubai Electric & Water and will generate at only $0.0299/kWh, well under the earlier phase which itself produced electricity at a then low of $0.0584/kWh. This new scheme will generate utility scale electricity at only 2.5 pence per unit. Contrast and compare with Hinkley C which is planned to have 3200MW of capacity and for which the UK government has guaranteed a price of around 9 pence per unit which will rise to 12p per unit by the time it starts generating (if it ever does.)

A new 800MW scheme in Dubai will generate at only Dollar 0.0299 per kWh

You can read about this new low in cheap solar electricity here.

Solar electricity continues to bring the cost of electricity down; your business has a choice; generate and own your own electricity for around 5p/kWh or remain totally reliant on grid electricity and pay the ever increasing costs of a failed UK energy policy. If wholesale electricity from Hinkley C costs 12p/kWh, you can expect to pay over 20p /kWh by the time your business is charged for it. Solar electricity from your roof will still have cost 5p. For at least 25 years.  

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