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Bentley are really embracing solar technology

Bentley are really embracing solar technology

Bentley may be regarded as the very epitome of the gas-guzzling behemoth but the factory in Crewe is a pioneer when it comes to generating its own electricity.

The rooftop solar system, one of the largest in the UK at 5MW, produces around 40% of the plant’s peak demand. They are now believed to be planning another 3MW installed on a carport structure over the staff car park.  

This suggests that Bentley, and its parent VW, understands how commercial solar really works. All the electricity generated will be consumed at the factory and solar electricity consumed at the point of generation is the cheapest way to create new electricity supply.

Read more about this at Solar Power Portal.

Bentley are really embracing solar technology

Solar on rooftops and car parks doesn’t take any productive land out of use and delivers electricity to the very point of demand. We like this.

With VW now committed to a wholesale shift to EVs, we keenly anticipate the first electric Bentley…

Your business can also do what Bentley are doing; securing a reliable supply of very cheap electricity immune to future grid disruptions and price hikes. Contact us here….



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