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China’s demand for dairy is great news for our customers

Rising Chinese demand for dairy products isn’t something we’d normally comment on here but we’re pleased to see one of our customers making hay in this fast growing market.  We’re all too used to hearing Britain’s dairy farmers complaining about the low prices they make for their products in the UK.  This article in The Times reports how some,  rather than complaining,  are selling their milk and cheese to into markets which will actually pay proper prices for them.

Ley Cross Farm, one of our customers, is mentioned in the article, as follows. 

Peter Alvis, managing director of the Bristol-based cheesemaker Lye Cross Farm, says that his company exports to 30 countries. “In the UK, we’re not paying the highest price for dairy, and the product will flow where the value is.” He adds that the characterisation of the Chinese as lactose intolerant is based in fact but overplayed, with many adults suffering no, or only limited, intolerance.

The days of cheap milk and cheese subsidised by squeezing the last drop of profit from the dairy industry may be over.   

Read the whole article here

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