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Could VW be serious about its new EV investment?

VW is going through a Damascene conversion after getting its figurative fingers caught in the figurative till of emissions cheating. It now sees its future not as a very naughty conglomerate producing asthma inducing filthy diesels but as a world leader in electric cars. Talk is cheap, of course, and VW is still some way behind the curve when it comes to getting actual EVs to market.

So this new car from the VW stable of brands - wearing the Skoda badge - is important. It’s getting its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show which signals VWs intent to break the Chinese market, the biggest EV market in the world.

It looks nice enough and it’s easy to imagine this wearing a VW or even an Audi badge. At the other end of the car market, another VW brand, Bentley, has shown us an electric two seat GT concept. Perhaps VW are actually serious…

More importantly, you can find out how to get your business ready for the shift to EVs here...

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