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Stanley in County Durham has become the first town to offer in-home batteries and solar panels for free

The Times reported on a superb initiative for residents of former colliery town, Stanley in County Durham over the weekend.

The town's council and a startup business, North Star Solar are teaming up to offer all 35,000 residents of the town FREE solar panels and in-house batteries. This is the first time anything like this has been offered for free and it won't be long before others follow suit. Cutting out the energy suppliers who sell us down the river with energy prices is no bad thing. The fact North Star's Chief Executive is the former boss of Npower is a fine example of the big names shifting their opinion towards renewables.Stanley in County Durham has become the first town to offer in-home batteries and solar panels for free

Power bills will be immediately slashed by 20% with the installation of solar panels and an in-house battery for all Stanley residents. It will be an unexpected offer for many in the town and one many will have no idea about, but it is an absolute no brainer. The fact every resident must sign a 23 year contract is no bad thing; this initiative will have been spread nationwide in a few years’ time and the solar panels will still be going strong by the time the year 2040 comes along.

Stanley will be saving money, helping the environment and reducing the "big six" energy suppliers' stranglehold on this sector further. We can't wait to read about the next town offering something similar. You can read The Times' story here...

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