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Dyson could be planning on entering the electric car market

Dyson could be planning on entering the electric car market

Is Dyson planning on entering the electric car market? City AM seems to think so. This would be an obvious move for a company making such huge R&D investments into battery technology and with an impressive track record of hugely profitable innovation.

We’re big fans of Dyson; the firm took a mundane product which had become commoditized - vacuum cleaners - and made them better, funkier and more desirable. Ditto with hand dryers and fans. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that they can do the same thing with cars. In fact, it may be easier for a design led business like Dyson to become a major player in the EV market than it will be for some of the established manufacturers. As Tesla has shown, electric cars are best when designed from scratch; the architecture for an EV is different and existing floorplans designed to accommodate all the hardware associated with diesel and petrol engines simply won’t make good electric cars as space is compromised.  

Dyson could be planning on entering the electric car market

We hope this report is true and that Dyson really is planning to move on this market. Electric cars offer a huge opportunity for new, innovative entrants to become dominant players. #Apple, #Faraday are already there and we’d love to see #Dyson join them.

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