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The EDF unions are opposing Hinkley C

If the lack of finance, safety concerns and security issues weren’t enough to slay the beast that the Hinkley C project has become, today’s statement from the EDF unions should finish it off.

The head of the union, Jean-Luc Magnaval, explains the union’s position thus..

“We want something that will work. We wish that EDF was as keen to improve the project as they are to start work on it.
“We have reservations about several aspects of the project: organisation, supply chain, installation and procurement.
“The trade union is unlikely to give its blessing to the project in its current state.”

The EDF unions are opposing Hinkley CThe union only has 30% of the EDF board but it would be politically unprecedented for the company to proceed with the project in the face of such opposition from its own Workers Council.

It’s now time that our own government grew a collective pair, swallowed its pride and put this dog of a project out of its misery.

You can read the FT story here..

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