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High power charging provider Ionity announced a new pricing structure based on kilowatt-hours rather than a base fee

Fast charging upstart @Ionity_EU (actually a collaboration between  BMW,  Daimler Benz, VW and Ford)  have announced new pricing structure across its European network and it doesn’t make pretty reading. €0.79c per kWh (about £0.66p/kWh) puts the cost of recharging a large battery as found on Teslas and the Porsche Taycan at over £40.00 which for the Porsche in particular,  will only give your 200 miles of driving.  This isn’t far off the cost of filling your car with diesel or petrol. With wholesale electricity costs heading downwards,  this does look incredibly pricey and reflects the huge capex this infrastructure requires.

Here at Mypower we charge our growing fleet of EVs with electricity from our roof;  installing solar on a commercial building provides electricity at around 4.5 pence a unit , fixed  for 25 years.  If this makes you curious about the benefits of solar electricity for your business,  come and talk to us here


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