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National Grid is facing supply and demand challenges

National Grid faces the challenge of how to balance the supply/demand issues within the grid distributed network when the levels of electricity produced far exceed customers’ demands. This happens more frequently as a result of the amount of wind and solar feeding electricity into the grid at times which are sometimes not wholly convenient for the grid. 

NG has come up with a cunning wheeze which will involve them paying industrial users of electricity to take some of that excess supply at certain times. Enthusiastic energy users such a water utilities and quarrying firms are chomping at the bit to get paid to run their energy intensive plant at different times.

The Times reports on the story here.

We think that this makes another compelling case for battery storage; if your business can get paid to take electricity from the grid at times of peak generation and store it in a battery, it can be used when your business needs it and replace electricity you’d otherwise pay for.

The way we produce, store and consume energy is changing rapidly; if your business wants to be in front of this trend, call us here.

The Times reports on the story here.
The Times reports on the story here.

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