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Batteries could all but end any hope of Hinkley C

Theresa May's decision on the future of Hinkley C is due to be made this month. Its huge cost, the involvement of the Chinese state and the safety concerns of the project mean this shambolic development must be put to the sword.

The Times explains how the rise of battery technology is another reason to bin Hinkley C. Predictions are that by 2030, as much as 8 gigawatts of battery storage will be installed in Britain's homes and factories. This would be more than twice Hinkley's potential and at a cost nowhere near as high.

Batteries could all but end any hope of Hinkley C

As the Chinese ramp up battery production, prices are due to decrease by more than half by the time 2020 comes around, to £110 per kilowatt hour of storage capacity - certainly cheaper than £18 billion on       Hinkley C...

Read more at The Times.

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