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There has been a sharp rise in EVs and hybrids in London

The Evening Standard suggests that it is concern over air quality, pollution and the environment which is driving the sharp rise in EVs and hybrids in London. We suspect it might also be something to do with the tax advantages that come with choosing a low or zero emission car for the company car fleet. Sales of these cars in London are up 22% in the first quarter of 2016 and have almost double in the South East as a whole.

There has been a sharp rise in EVs and hybrids in London

Regardless of the motives, anyone who has to regularly inhale the diesel flavoured soup that passes for air in some parts of the capital can only take some comfort from this gradual move towards electric transport.

You can read the Standard story here..

If your business is thinking about a similar move towards EVs and want to chat about how you could use your roof to power your car, we’re happy to talk.

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