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The UK solar industry has reached the 10 GW mark

The UK solar industry has reached the 10 GW mark

We were delighted with the news Clean Technica brought us yesterday.. UK solar PV has smashed through the 10 GW barrier thanks to a highly productive 2015 for the industry.

The first quarter of 2015 was incredibly strong for solar PV, with 65% of the yearly total of 3.9 GW installed during this time period. A solid period since has resulted in the 10 GW barrier well and truly passed.

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A few weeks ago, SolarPower Europe announced the UK would remain the largest solar market in Europe this year. So despite those in power insisting that fossil fuels are still viable and worth investing billions into; businesses and homeowners are seeing the clean alternative as a way of protecting their energy usage for the foreseeable future.

It would appear even the cuts to the FiT rates aren't going to stop the UK turning to solar PV. Since the reductions in FiTs we’ve continued to be busy installing orders placed after the changes. For companies with a high daytime electricity use, an investment in PV is still yielding over 12% FYR.

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