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REC TwinPeak Solar Panels

The TwinPeak series from REC is an award winning solar panel offering higher efficiency and output, giving you:

  • More power for more electricity generation

  • Higher yield through improved performance in shaded conditions

  • Breakthrough technologies for increased light capture

  • Proven reliability of an established European brand

The new REC panels use a ground-breaking which results in an extra power output of 12 Watts per panel and a classing leading efficiency of up to 17%.

Why the TwinPeak panels are the best on the market…

Panel Design
One of the major advantages of the REC TwinPeak compared to standard modules is its ability to generate electricity even when partially shaded. If any part of a standard module is shaded it will lose 1/3 of its power production.  

TwinPeak panels are split into 2 twin sections which generate electricity independently of each other, but combine again before the current exits the module. This helps them to continue producing electricity in the non-shaded section even at times of reduced irradiance on the panel, increasing overall energy yield and profitability.

How will you benefit from the new technology in a TwinPeak panel?
The REC TwinPeak Series has enabled a power increase of around 10 Wp per panel. This has been achieved through reducing resistance at both cell and panel level, exposure of more cell area to sunlight and increasing the amount of light absorbed. Together, these technology ensure that the REC TwinPeak Series provides a higher energy yield throughout the day when compared to standard panels. A higher energy yield, means a higher rate of return on a solar installation.

These benefits are of course in addition to REC’s industry-leading product quality, the fact that REC’s panel production is 100% PID (Potential induced degradation) free and the reliability of a strong and established European brand.

Reduce or eliminate your energy bills and shorten ROI time
Customers will be able to boost their overall energy yield from the same surface area. By delivering more power output per square meter, fewer TwinPeak Panels modules are required to achieve the same power generation capacity.

REC TwinPeak panels come with a 10 year product warranty and 25 year power output warranty.

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