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Solar Panels for Wiltshire/Swindon/Chippenham

Solar PV panels installed by Mypower are awarding winning systems which help businesses reduce their electricity bills by 65%. Mypower has a proven track record of providing renewable energy solutions in Swindon, Chippenham and throughout the whole county of Wilshire which deliver real benefits and savings. PV Solar panels can also help a business become more energy efficient by generating energy from this source of green power.

With rising electricity bills year-on-year and experts predicting commercial energy costs will increase by at least 33% over the next 5 years, now is the time to consider Solar PV as an alternative, cheaper energy source. Solar PV installations costs have reduced significantly since 2012 which means return on investment following a solar installation from Mypower is now 14-18% - more than many other UK solar PV installers in Wiltshire and the rest of the UK.

Solar PV generated electricity typically costs 4-5p per unit which compares to traditional grid supplied electricity rates between 13-15p per unit.

Why Wiltshire businesses are installing Solar PV Systems

  • It makes commercial sense. Solar PV generated electricity typically costs 4-5p/kWh and is effectively fixed, compared to grid supplied electricity at rates of between 13-15p/kWh, which is likely to continue to rise every year.
  • Once installed, Solar PV requires minimal maintenance as it has no moving parts.
  • Solar PV technology is tried and tested in the UK with robust data supporting predictions.
  • Future proofing – The age of the Electric Vehicle (EV) is almost upon us (even Jeremy Clarkson announced that the Tesla Model X EV was ‘fabulous’), they’re preparing their businesses to fuel their fleets of EVs or plug-in hybrids on clean energy.
  • Solar power is a type of green energy, and so solar panel installations can help your business become more energy efficient - creating a strong message for your customers.

Solar PV is for all sizes of businesses. Good roof space provided by commercial properties make solar a sensible investment.

An average sized commercial property of an SME can accommodate a 50kW system, enough to generate 49,000kWh of electricity every year. It offers £7,000 savings in the first year and a 17% ROI with a sub 6 year pay back. It isn’t just for south-facing roofs either.

A Renewable Energy Company For Businesses Across Wiltshire

Mypower are an award winning solar panel installations company, providing commercial solar energy systems to businesses located in Swindon, Chippenham and the rest of Wiltshire.

Read more here to see how these solar panels out-preform others on the market, and provide you with maximum production from your renewable energy solutions.

Choosing Mypower to design supply your commercial solar PV system means that you'll recieve full project management - we offer a turnkey package that includes consultation, installation of solar panels, maintenance and continuous monitoring of your PV solar systems.

To find out more, take a look at our About Us and Awards pages.

Customer reviews…

“Investigating the right supplier takes time which can be hard to find and having decided to commit our business to Mypower, the whole job was taken off our hands. Mypower managed the scheme completely and efficiently, so that we could get on with our business. It was all very fuss free and well managed. The panels are hardly visible on the new building and don’t spoil the look of any of the older buildings, a very important factor for Sheppy’s.”
Louisa Sheppy, Sheppy's Cider

"Our PV array not only makes financial sense but also differentiates us in the marketplace extracting further commercial value from the initiative. Credit must go to the whole team at Mypower who calmly delivered the project against the inevitable FiT revision deadline. This investment not only supports our zero carbon operation goals but also demonstrates the scale of our commitment to a move to a sustainable economy.
Currently my Tesla is the only vehicle that runs on electricity but as we electrify more of our distribution fleet we are likely to be back for an extension to the installation to cover the flat roof over the offices".
Toby Robins, Sustainable Development Director, Wiles Greenworld

Mypower can install solar PV on most buildings no matter their age, size or structure. We are a well-qualified, award winning team who pride ourselves on giving open, honest and professional advice.

For more information about Solar PV electricity for your Wilshire based business please contact us.

Louisa Sheppy, Sheppy's Cider...

“Investigating the right supplier takes time which can be hard to find and having decided to commit our business to Mypower, the whole job was taken off our hands. Mypower managed the scheme completely and efficiently, so that we could get on with our business."