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Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar panel cleaning can save you money

Dirty solar panels can cause a number of issues. A build-up of dirt, moss and bird droppings can severely impact the production capabilities of your solar panels. Even the smallest bird droppings can cause shade which will be detrimental to solar panel effeciency, in fact. Hard water can also affect solar output, and any loss of production on your commercial solar powering will affect payback time, reduce savings and lower earning potential. We want you to save as much money as possible from the moment your solar panels are installed. 

In addition to monitoring output of your solar PV system, we recommend that your commercial, industrial or agricultural solar panels are cleaned every 12-24 months, depending on their environment. With 75% of the year’s solar production being between April and September, we recommend cleaning your panels between mid-January and the end of March. If you keep on top of solar PV monitoring, your cleaning schedule will stay on track.

Mypower offer a competitively priced commercial panel cleaning service for all makes of PV modules for businesses within 1 hour of our Gloucestershire base. We use the state-of-the-art Karcher rotary brush to clean, with deionised hot water and no chemicals or cleaning products (as recommended by panel manufacturers for panel cleaning). The Karcher rotary brush is 50% more effective at cleaning solar panels than a standard mop, brush or cloth because it's able to get into the panel edges where algae, dirt, and diodes are located.

It is extremely important that solar panel cleaning is undertaken by a qualified panel installer. Solar PV panels can be damaged easily if stood or lent upon. Too much downward pressure will cause invisible micro cracks that will significantly decrease yield. Do not, under any circumstances, use a pressure washer because it will cause damage to your solar panels.

Did you know?

We completed a before-and-after study about how panel cleaning can increase solar energy output. The results showed a massive 9.6% increase in output following a clean.

  • The customer’s site had 168 solar panels connected identically to 2 inverters.
  • The mounted solar panels had been cleaned 12 months prior, so only 1 year of dirt build-up was present.
  • Readings were taken for 7 days and 30 days prior to the test to establish any difference in output between the inverters.
  • The 84 panels connected to inverter 1 were identified as rows 1-4 of 8. These 4 rows were cleaned by our professional solar panel cleaners and the 84 panels on rows 5-8 were left dirty.
  • 2 weeks later, readings were taken again.
  • Inverter 1 (with the clean solar panels) produced 9.6% more electricity than inverter 2 (with the dirty panels) over the 2 week period.
  • The remaining 84 panels were then cleaned.

This data is consistent with the previous year’s findings of an 8.7% increase in yield when the same trial was carried out, but with only 5 days between cleans.

Solar panel cleaning before and after

The image clearly shows a difference of solar powering between the cleaned
panels in rows one to four and the uncleaned panels in rows five to eight

Solar Panel Cleaning Service

To see how we do it...

Watch the Karcher solar rotary cleaning brush video below.

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Failing to clean your solar panels can have a detrimental impact on their solar energy output.

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