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Government Plans £3billion Green Scheme

The UK government recently announced that they will be introducing a new £3billion green scheme to support sustainable measures. Under the scheme, grants will be awarded to boost energy-saving methods, cut harmful emissions, and improve energy-efficiency within UK buildings. The scheme is also expected to create thousands of new jobs within the green industry. To help you understand the new measures, we’ve put together this useful guide on everything you need to know about the government’s new green scheme:

Why is the scheme being introduced?

The main objective of the green scheme is to help lower carbon emissions and make UK buildings greener. It is anticipated that the scheme will cut carbon emissions by around half a mega tonne per year. The scheme is also being introduced as a way to support the economy by creating up to 140,000 green jobs. This will provide critical support to help the UK economy recover from the pandemic’s damaging effects.

Another key benefit of the green scheme is that it will cut utility bills for low-income families. The UK government expects that the scheme will make more than £65,000 UK homes more energy-efficient and save households up to £350 a year on their energy costs.

What is included in the scheme?

The government will be allocating £2 billion towards making residential properties more sustainable. Homeowners and landlords will be able to apply for grants of up to £5,000 to fund green home improvements, such as upgrades to flooring and insulation. The grants will be awarded in the form of vouchers that can be spent with accredited suppliers to cover up to two-thirds of energy improvements. The lowest-income families will be eligible to apply for even more support, and could receive vouchers of up to £10,000, depending on their financial circumstances.

A separate £1billing has also been allocated towards making public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, greener.

What are green property improvements?

There is an excellent variety of energy-saving improvements that can instantly make your property more efficient and reduce your energy bills. Here are a few suggestions of improvements that could be funded with green scheme grants:

  • Better insulation - poorly insulated properties lose huge amounts of heat and energy. This makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, and leads to an increase in energy prices. Adding extra insulation to your roof or walls can be a reliable way to slash your bills, and make your living space more eco-friendly.
  • Solar panels - switching to renewable energy will instantly lower your home’s carbon footprint and reduce your electricity bills. Solar panels are a smart green investment that offers electricity at a third of the price of grid-supplied. Installing solar panels on your property will make your home more energy-efficient, significantly lowering your electricity costs over time.
  • New flooring - the flooring types in your home play a big role in the amount of money you spend heating your home. Upgrading to flooring that offers better insulation can help your living space retain heat, thus lowering your monthly utility bills.
  • New windows and doors - your home can lose significant amounts of heat through old or poorly-insulated windows and doors. Upgrading your windows and doors to more energy-efficient models, i.e. double or triple glazing, should eliminate cold drafts and reduce your dependence on artificial heating.

When is the scheme being introduced?

The green scheme is expected to be introduced later this year, in September. It is expected that the grants will cover at least two-thirds of the energy-efficient improvements mentioned above. Once the scheme has been launched, homeowners and landlords will be able to make applications for grants online via the government website. The application will also provide details of accredited suppliers in the local area. The vouchers will be issued once a quote has been received by an approved supplier.


The £3 billion green scheme announcement is a positive step in making our economy greener and more sustainable. Not only will it cut emissions, but it should also reduce energy bills and support thousands of new jobs in the green industry. That being said, the fight against climate change requires ongoing support and more action is needed to lower harmful emissions and reduce environmental pollution. For more information on reducing your companies environmental impact, you can contact Mypower here

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