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Porsche and Daimler Benz increasing EV commitments

Cleantechnica reports on new, increased EV investment commitments from both Porsche and Daimler Benz.    We don’t hear much about R&D capital going towards diesel technology these days.

What struck us about this report is the line about Porsche using its dealer network as a location for the superfast chargers they plan to roll out in association with VW and Ford; we’ve long believed that the only way the established marques can produce an exclusive, viable alternative to Tesla’s Supercharger network is by leveraging their dealer network. All three have loads of conveniently sited showrooms with loads of parking,  wi-fi, coffee, lounges etc. Offering customers exclusive, fast charging coupled with somewhere comfortable to work and grab a coffee seems so obvious. It also allows the dealership to enjoy an ongoing relationship with their customers which was impossible when fuel stop time was spent at BP or Shell.

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