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Porsche has called time on diesel

Given that it has landed one of their top executives in jail for collusion during  the ‘dieselgate’ saga. Porsche management might be forgiven for rueing the day they put the first diesel engine in the Cayenne in 2009.

But the facts are, if you wanted to shift good volumes of high end SUVs in Europe, you needed a diesel  option. This has worked well for Porsche and helped them move into areas with which they weren’t previously associated; luxury SUVs and four door saloons.

This is all to change as Porsche have called time on diesel; the Macan S diesel will cease to be offered, following the demise of the diesel Panamera. Whilst the next model Cayenne is due to have a diesel option, there is doubt about whether this will actually make it to market. This announcement comes as excitement mounts about the brands first electric car, the Taycan, due in showrooms in 2019. Porsche has shifted all R&D spending previously spent on diesel engines to electrification.

We can expect more announcements like this next year. Diesel will die a slow death and that pump space replaced with fast EV chargers.

You can read the Porsche announcement here.

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