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Speculation about Apple's involvement in the car business is growing

Speculation about Apple's involvement in the car business is growing

We started reporting on speculation that Apple was planning on getting into the car business last year. The chatter has got more excited today with news that Apple has employed Doug Betts, an auto industry veteran from Chrysler. Those of us who love good cars might suggest that anyone looking for help with building a great car wouldn’t start with anyone from Chrysler who have produced some real automotive filth of late.

And, if we were being really cynical we might speculate on just how long an Apple car’s battery would last,  given the performance of the phones. Joking aside, we can expect an Apple car to be nice to look at and be very, very expensive. What would be interesting is to see if Apple can reverse the decline in car ownership in the very demographic which laps up its other shiny trinkets. The hype around the iWatch seems to have been overdone and analysts are busy downgrading sales volumes. It seems that once the young get out of the habit of wearing a watch, it’s not that easy to get them back into it, even if the iWatch does send your heart rate to everyone in your contacts. Or something.

We reckon Apple would be better off using a smidgeon of its enormous cash pile to buy Tesla. Then watch electric cars go mainstream within years rather than decades.

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