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BMW set to unveil its third electric model

Another big moment in the transition towards EVs happens next week when BMW unveils its third electric model at the Frankfurt auto show.

Rumoured to be a 3 Series sized saloon, word on the street is that it has a range in excess of 400 miles which will make this car a real game changer.

BMW states that it will have 25 EV or hybrid models on the market by 2025 including the upcoming electric Mini. The Times reports on the new i5 here…

Read more at The Times.

In what is turning out to be something of a theme, Jaguar Land Rover has also announced that its entire range will be electric or hybrid by 2020. Coming so quickly after their huge investment in  a new engine plant, the speed of the transition to EVs tells us just how hard it is going to be for car manufacturers to know where and in what to invest. We can safely assume that any new proposals to invest R&D budgets in new diesel technology is unlikely to be signed off.


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