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How businesses can stop catastrophic climate change and benefit themselves

A damning report from the UN Secretary-General in Bali recently explains how the world must act now to avoid an ‘irreversible catastrophe’.

Trillions of pounds of investment is needed to reverse what is currently happening to the world’s temperatures.

This section is worthy of particular observation…

As the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stressed, limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees will require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society – especially how we manage land, energy, industry, buildings, transport and cities.

It means drastically reducing the use of fossil fuels and massively increasing renewable energy.

Land, energy, industry, buildings, transport and cities can all be managed with the help of renewables and solar energy can cover the majority, if not all of these.

Not only could the increasing use of solar help sustain the planet but it brings a huge array of benefits for businesses that use solar as well.

Businesses with rooftop solar PV are seeing between 11% and 16% first year returns on investment with a total system payback between 6-9 years.

Electricity for the business is generated by the rooftop solar panels and so there is no need to buy it from an electricity supplier. These prices from suppliers are increasing at an alarming rate, so if you have a commercial, industrial or agricultural roof on a building that constantly generates electricity, solar PV makes perfect sense.

Read more on the UN climate change report here.

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