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Possible rethink on the plan to withdraw export tariffs from solar generators

Government minister @claireperrymp has indicated that there might be a rethink on the plan to withdraw export tariffs from solar generators.

The Energy and Clean Growth Minister might be accused of understatement when she said in the House of Commons that it “…be wrong to have power provided to the grid for free.”

The Export Tariff is not a subsidy; it is a price paid by the utilities for electricity generated by solar which the same utilities then sell on to consumers. The fact that the Export Tariff is currently lower than the wholesale market price suggest that it is neither overly generous nor out of kilter with market reality. That government were prepared to withdraw it completely suggests that the big energy companies have received good value for their lobbying budgets.

We can expect some concrete news on this policy change soon.

Solar Power Portal reports the development here...

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